LifeStream User Manual

LifeStream Manager will be replaced by LifeStream Web. No new features or workflow updates have been added to the Windows application and user manual. Please view our new LifeStream v5.5 Windows application requirements and FAQ.

Access the LifeStream Manual (Updated w/ v5.3)

New Genesis Touch 3.8 Manuals

This help site is accessible from LifeStream Manager, for users of LifeStream software. More user manuals, training presentations and general resources are available on our customer portal.
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NoteIconBlue.png Genesis Touch v3.8 Overview

Learn what's new with the Genesis Touch.

NOTE: Canadian users must remain on LifeStream v4.12, pending a database upgrade in 2019. To access user manuals for LifeStream v4.12, click here
LifeStream v5.5 Update (8/6/2019)

Life Care Solutions has released a major update for our next generation LifeStream 5.5 Web platform and Genesis Touch 3.8 telemonitors. See our LifeStream Web upgrade site to learn what's new, inquire about upgrading and claim special promotional offers as an existing customer. Resideo Life Care Solutions is transitioning to our LifeStream Web platform, where we will continue to offer new robust feature deployment. 
Upcoming Live Clinical Webinar and Q&A
  • Register for our upcoming webinar, for LifeStream Manager customers. 
  • Learn about what's new in our refreshed Genesis Touch Interface
  • See a clinical demo of new Billing Reports
  • Request complementary custom physician / patient referral brochures
  • Learn how to upgrade to LifeStream Web, and our promotional offers for all customers.
Notable LifeStream Manager Service and Support Dates
  • Starting August, 2019: Upgrade specials available for all customers upgrading to LifeStream Web.
  • January 14, 2020: Microsoft Windows Ends Support for Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System
Learn More About LifeStream Web:
LifeStream Web has been available for over two years, with exclusive features only available on our next-generation Web platform.

A small LifeStream Manager software update has been deployed, for compatibility with the new LifeStream 5.5 database. This update does not release new features. Some users may need to quit LifeStream and restart the application, in order for the software upgrade to be discovered and installed upon acceptance. If you are in the US and are unable to upgrade, visit for manual installation instructions, or contact Customer Service. 
LifeStream Analytics users may use a limited version of LifeStream Manager with LifeStream Web also enabled. Users may export Published Query results from the LifeStream Analytics Data Export Utility. Access the LifeStream Analytics user manual for more information, or reference the list of published queries. Click here for special instructions.

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NoteIconBlue.png Genesis Touch Patient Guide

Updated patient guide, consolidated patient-facing
instruction in one document. Added vitals log pages
per request.